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About us

We are a fast growing online boutique with over 9 years of experience in purchasing and selling the new and used luxury items, such as watches and jewelry. We accept products and ship them all over the world.

We have 2 offices: in United Kingdom and Germany.

Unlike other offline and online boutiques, we make a minimum markup for the products.

For example, other sellers who earn 25-50% from each position sell the products for several months. They wait for their customers for a long time but get maximum profit from each transaction.

We do exactly the opposite. Our earnings from every sale don’t exceed 10-20%. We earn from the number of sales. We buy and sell hundreds of exclusive jewelries and watches every month and are very proud of keeping some of the best prices on the market for most positions.

For our customers

Guaranteed Authenticity Elwatches is committed to the integrity of the luxury watch industry and will not buy or sell watches that are replicas or contain inauthentic parts. is trusted by thousands of clients worldwide, therefore, we take watch fraud extremely seriously. Our watches are all carefully evaluated and authenticated by our in-house Swiss-trained watchmakers, without compromising value or provenance, before entering our curated inventory of pre-owned watches for sale. Every pre-owned watch is guaranteed to be fully authentic and comes backed by our 5 year Global Elwatches warranty to give you peace-of-mind. Our watch experts are highly trained to identify any indication that a watch may not be authentic. If fraud is detected, Elwatches will confiscate the watch so that it is no longer in circulation and will work with the proper authorities to identify the source of the fraudulent watch. If you have questions about the authenticity of a watch that you purchased from somewhere else, we are happy to provide a free evaluation. In order to receive the evaluation, you can ship the watch to us at your expense and we will be happy to investigate the watch through our meticulous authentication process. Please visit our authentication service page for full details of our authentication and assessment measures.

It is very easy to place an order online. Add the product to the cart, enter your shipping details and wait until our manager sends you the details of our bank account to pay for the order.

As soon as we see the payment, we will insure and send your order to the specified address.

No, it isn’t. All taxes are already included in the price indicated on the website.

As our company has offices both in the UK and in Europe, we can move products freely between our warehouses. Therefore, you won’t have to deal with  the customs clearance.

You have 30 days from the date of receiving your item to return it to us. All products must be returned in the same condition that they were sold.

You can have a look at the item in our showroom in Manchester prior to purchasing. Pre-registration for viewing is required.

We sell items in varying conditions namely: New, Pre-Owned. You can check the condition of the item in the individual item page.

All watches purchased at come with a complimentary Elwatches warranty that extends coverage of the movement beyond the manufacturer’s warranty for up to 5 years from the date of purchase.

Certain watches that are in high demand can trade for a higher value on the secondary market than their original retail price. Our pricing team are watch market experts and we work very hard to give you access to the most popular watches at a fair market price.

We would love to talk to you about any watch you are looking to purchase! We process a high volume of watches, and the watch you are looking for may already be in our system. Please Contact a Client Advisor and they will let you know if we have the watch in process, or if we are able to source the watch for you.

Insurance for full replacement value is included on all shipments of watches and accessories. A signature is required to complete delivery of all packages.

Our return period is within thirty (30) days of the initial transaction. This grace period applies to watches and jewelry purchased directly from Elwatches. Contact your Elwatches Client Advisor to request the return authorization process.

All prices on our site include VAT, any customs and duties, so what you see is all you’ll have to pay, regardless of where you or the item you are buying is located in the world.

Sell us ​​your watch or jewelry

The answer is clearly yes! We guarantee the best purchase price among our competitors.

We are interested in long-term cooperation with you. Therefore, we don’t try to make the most of every trade.

1) First, send us all the information you need about your product on the “Sell to us” page.

2) Within 24 hours, we will announce the cost that we are ready to offer for your product. We guarantee the highest price than any of our competitors. Someone offered more? Write to us, and we will provide you with a higher amount.

3) Effect insurance and mail your jewelry to one of our offices located in the UK or Germany.

4) After receiving the product, we will carry out a detailed inspection of the product quickly. After confirming the authenticity, and if no previously unspecified defects are found, we will make payment to your bank account without waiting for us to sell the goods.

You can cancel the deal at any time. In this case, we will ensure at our own expense and send the product to your address.

You will receive a payment without waiting until we sell your product on our site.

We will make a payment soon after the assessment of the authenticity and condition of your goods by our specialists.

This shipping cost is met by our company. We will add its cost to the final amount of payment to your bank account. If you decide to cancel the deal, we will send the products at our own expense.

You have the right to cancel the deal at any stage. Just contact your manager, and we will take care of the delivery of your product to you.

If we receive counterfeit or stolen merchandise we will turn over the merchandise, and all correspondence related to the merchandise, to the appropriate authorities. If you are uncertain about the authenticity of your watch, we recommend that you bring it to a local watch repair professional for inspection prior to shipping it to us.

We cannot guarantee a quote until we are able to physically inspect the watch. For the circumstance where it is determined that the watch we receive is not as described or worth less than the value we quoted, we reserve the right to promptly return the watch to you at no cost to you. We may also, at our discretion, give you the option of accepting a lesser payment for the watch.